September 2020 - Welcome to September, Aquarius, a month that will be pleasant and quite important for you. With the sun highlighting your intimacy sector, you’ll be focused on the balance in your relationships, especially the give-and-take (solar eighth house). While the new moon occurs here later in the month, on September 17, you will be feeling this energy for weeks before that date.

Another reason you’re especially focused on your partnerships in love and business is because Venus, planet of harmony, dances across the sky from you in your relationship zone (solar seventh house). Beginning on the sixth and for the rest of the month, she’ll spin an enchanting love spell on you and your significant other. If single, this is an auspicious time to find someone with long-term potential.

Earlier in the month, though, a full moon on September 1 lights up the night and brings a turning point in your finances (solar second house). Some Aquarians may see the arrival of a large check, raise, or lucrative new client. If you’re looking for a new job, this could manifest, too.

Yet another important factor this month is the Mars retrograde. For months, the warrior planet has highlighted your ability to write, speak, and pursue your opinions aggressively (solar third house). This has likely won you some victories.

However, beginning on the ninth and for the two months ahead Mars will be weakened here, so it would be best not to sign contracts or initiate any new communications-related projects. Instead, use your energy to fine-tune past endeavors and make them the best they can be. Later in the year, if you use your time now, they’ll be ready to reach your audience.

Standout days: 2, 9, 28
Challenging days: 1, 15, 17

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Revive your love. Make this the year your love grows with a psychic love reading.

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