Sep 26, 2020 - The day begins with the waxing gibbous moon entering innovative Aquarius. This is a beautiful energy to start the day and lift your spirits. You might be able to step back from your problems and see them from a more investigative perspective.

There's a strong feeling of harmony, with a gorgeous trine from the sun in Libra and the Aquarius moon bringing many gifts of happiness and community. You might even be able to express the things you've been holding back over the last few days. There’s an ease of mind that’s quite refreshing. You’re now able to work around your problems and see the loftier side of the lesson.

Remember that everything represents duality in some way. You have much to appreciate right now, whether you’re taking the good with the bad, or understanding that the shadow side also has its lessons.

You might even strengthen your sense of connection to a wider group of like-minded individuals who also see the world through a more spiritual perspective, so be open to the people you meet online or through messages. Under these transits, secret admirers can come out of the woodwork with little or no warning!

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction Today.

Confused about your relationship? Get an Accurate Prediction Today.

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